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Medina Nikocevic is an interior designer and custom window treatment specialist. Her keen eye, her exceptional taste, her attention to every detail, and her fascination & ability to understand people on a deeper level makes working with her a one-of-a-kind experience. Growing up, Medina watched as her Mother regularly ironed and carefully tended to their curtains at home. She developed a deep found love for the art of drapery, which is strongly engraved in the traditional Balkan culture which her parents kept alive throughout her childhood.

Throughout the 10+ years of selling custom shades, curtains, and blinds across all five New York boroughs, she realized she had found her calling. After countless testimonials, she understood that she had a natural talent and stood apart from the rest, with her love and passion showing strongly in every home, office, or space she touches. 

She has taken her knowledge and expertise, combined with her love for people, window treatment, and interior design, and opened her very own business to bring this ancient art to modern homes. 

“I believe by knowing the clients, their lifestyles, and their needs, I can give them what they need and make them feel better about their homes.’’ Medina Nikocevic

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